Thursday, November 1, 2007

It's hard to pee your pants

Have you ever tried it? I am not talking about peeing your pants on accident, I mean, full on, on purpose. Just decide you are going to pee your pants and do it. It's hard to do. It's been some years since I have even tried to pee my pants. I think the last time was freshman year in college. We knew some guys that had some silly "Rexburg crew" called the wolverines or something. Guys could get in by just being friends with them, but girls had to pee their pants (yeah this was in college, that's Ricks for ya). Anyway, we didn't actually want to be a part of this pack- but we did try to pee our pants and it is not as easy as it may sound- I can't remember if any of us actually succeeded, but there is a picture somewhere out there of Alyssa looking successful.

I had a whole conversation about it with a guy at the table next to me at Denny's last night. He said if I would just get drunk peeing my pants would be easy, that I would do it with out even knowing it- I might be itchy the next morning though (that's what he told me anyway). But I think that is a cop out. To not be drunk and to just openly and defiantly pee your pants takes some serious effort. Not that I want to or anything or that I am encouraging others to do so . . . I'm just saying.

*This blog post inspired by Evan's awesome "Baby Chuck Norris" costume.


Sarita said...

But I hear that if your drunk, then you have to stomp in it. And I don't think I would enjoy that part.

The best part was that they didnt believe that you didnt drink. They thought you were full-on intoxicated. I mean, why else would someone be rambling on loudly in Denny's about not being able to pee their pants?

Erica B. said...

You don't have to be drunk to accidentally pee your pants. Laughing really hard has been known to cause the loss of bladder control...

Sunny said...

I think peeing in your pants would be as difficult as peeing anytime other people are watching you. I was actually thinking about this the other day because the forelorn love triange astronaut thing came on the news. Even if you did have a diaper on it would be tough to let go.

Also, way to go on not joining the pee club.

ThomCarter said...

Many years ago I had this same conversation with some buddies . . . which lead to us trying to do it.

No one succeded. I will try for the next 6 hours and get back to you!