Friday, November 30, 2007

If I were a lesbian and you were my lady . . .

I went and saw Tori Amos last night. I have loved her for years, but this is the first time I have seen her live. She was pretty amazing. I kept thinking about who her lighting person was, because whoever they are- they are good.

She is quite wacko on stage. I knew this already, but to witness it for yourself is totally different. She really likes to gyrate her hips on stage, you can really tell she loves her piano (It may be LOVE love, if you know what I mean).

One of the funnest things about last night was being able to people watch. If you know anything about Tori Amos, then think for just a minute about what different kinds of people would go and see her. So very entertaining. We had both old and young, both straight and very very gay, both male and female (although the estrogen in the room outweighed the testosterone) and so so so many drunk people dancing. The drunk dancing is always my favorite part. Not a care in the world- when there should be . . . there really should be.

During the concert I thought for a minute that if I liked girls, I would really like someone talented and unique like Tori. But then I remembered that my best friend is pretty much Tori Amos without the famous part (oh yeah and the grinding on her piano part) and I am not in love with my best friend, in a romantic sense (we even shared a bed for 9 months once) so I know I am not a lesbian. That and I really like boys. Good thing I went to the Tori Amos concert so that I could have that realization.

This realization led me to think about some other things. I really don't understand, if you like girls, why don't you like girls that look like girls? Just a thought. Oh, and I don't care if you are a lesbian or a truck driver, mullets must go. Seriously people, they are flattering on no one!

So, to recap. Tori was amazing, I'm not a lesbian and we should start a revolt to end mullets on all people, regardless of gender or sexual orientation. Hey, I just want to better the world in any way that I can.


Sarita said...

I think you forgot to mention, that no matter how hardcore a fan you think you are, and how bad your hair is, never is it nice to stand through the ENTIRE show when it doesnt offer you a better view and you cause some 5-10 people behind you to go look for other seating arrangements.

ErinMarieFaler said...

Awwww. You love me. Thank you so much. It was so cool that by complete coincidence, we were only an aisle apart -- a commentary on our parallel lives, maybe?

I do have to mention that one time when we were sharing a bed, I woke up with your arm across my stomach and you were snuggled up next to me. I think we both had our opportunities, and there was NO lesbo action. And I love you all the more for it. Thanks for never putting the moves on me.