Thursday, November 15, 2007

If you want to view paradise . . . it might be at the Ogden Theater

Ok, so before you do anything, please read THIS. I wouldn't even attempt to compete with the professional writer- he said it so well. It was truly amazing. I have to say that I loved every second of the Swell Season. Even through the pain in my back and especially my feet, I never once wanted it to end. That was Tuesday night, Wednesday night we watched Feist, which was also good, but I found myself wishing I was still watching the Swell Season. "Let it die" was the last encore Feist played (yeah!) and it was beautiful, which made it all worth it. She also played "When I was a young girl" which is one of my very favorites. But I still enjoyed the Swell Season far more. I fell in love with Glen as soon as he started singing (as did every other girl in the room) and it was exciting to meet both him and Maketa. What a great show.

So Tuesday through Thursday of this week were really fun. We arrived in Denver and wandered the city- looking for our hotel, me wearing big tall boots and carrying a bag that was packed for a 2 week vacation rather than 2 days, He- chipper and wanting to speed walk. We made it to the hotel without too much complaining on my part. We laughed a lot, we walked a lot, we almost missed a concert due to a wrong turn, we rode in numerous taxis, talked to many a stranger, bought Cd's, bought a band t-shirt and had it signed by the artist (on the boob, I wasn't wearing it when he signed it), met someone named "Mama T" who also gave us a ride back to our hotel, I almost cried during the music, he took lots of pictures, we ate cheesecake, we ate pizza at midnight, we took funny plane pictures, made fun and was made fun of, we sang along, we tapped our feet, we watched a movie, we got free buttons and airborne, we took BFF pictures. I think we fit a lot into 48 hours.

Here is a video. Maybe Dainon should change professions. He's pretty good at this.

Shots from the concert. Glen doing his thing and stomping his feet. He's amazing.
Here we are with Marketa. She was so quiet and so sweet and so small.

And with Glen. Ah, beautiful blue eyed Glen.

Me at Feist. I am having fun, I promise.

Those are my walking shoes, SO glad I wore them.


Dainon. said...

I'm so gangsta.

Was there speed walking involved? I seem to recall you keeping up just fine, missy.

Sarita said...

I said it before and I will say it again. I'm green with envy.

And also, I love that last picture.