Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Emotionally unstable?

Possibly. Ok, so I just spent 2 hours watching TV on the internet, when I probably should have been sleeping and I cried during both shows. I'll spare you what shows they were (although I think I am supposed to be a doctor), but I will say that I felt ridiculous even through the tears.

That's not the most pathetic thing. There is a radio station that started playing Christmas music all day every day. It has been four years since I worked in retail, so I can finally start listening to Christmas music again without throwing up- or at least wanting to (except for WHAM! singing "last Christmas I gave you my heart", that still makes me incredibly nauseated). So today I am sitting in my office, when a country song comes on the radio- I HATE COUNTRY MUSIC. But there I sat, listening to this country Christmas song and crying my eyes out. This is not normal. This should not be happening.

AND I sorta got misty eyed during one of the previews before a movie I watched the other day. The preview!!! What is happening? Am I getting soft in my old age? Am I just a big fat cry baby? Who knows.

I have added the video of the sappy country Christmas song that makes me cry. Enjoy! Hope you bawl your eyes out.

So freakin' cheesy. But I think I love it.


Melanie said...

If you were me, having those emotional reactions would mean you were pregnant. I cried during a preview to Firehouse Dog... of all the ridiculous things to cry about! Are you pregnant?!!

erinannie said...

(hi! i'm a blog lurker. love your blog! very witty!)

I feel your pain on working retail and hating Christmas music. I love the music I hear at Church during Christmas, but I hate HATE HATE all the cheesy stuff on the radio. But the WORST offenders are Wham (I can't even repeat the name of the song), and Wings/Paul McCartney's Africa Christmas song. Both just make me CRINGE!!!

Brenna said...

Welcome to my world Angie. I think I watched the same shows online - and cried through them. Lately stupid diamond commercials have been getting me misty eyed! Of all the commercialized crap!!!...

Miss you.