Saturday, November 24, 2007

August Rush = Suckfest

Ok, so maybe we should have read this before seeing the movie. IT WAS AWFUL. Seriously. I laughed out loud on numerous occasions and almost burst into tears due to the ridiculousness of it all. If it weren't for the good company and funny conversation, I may have poked my eyes out. Although, as we were leaving, we did see a girl who had been moved to tears by the movie- not in the way I had almost been moved to tears, but genuinely touched. Poor thing. What kind of life must she live?

The movie did spark up some interesting conversation afterward, as we sat in the coffee shop overly populated by Salt Lake's finest hipsters and bollywood actors (so very interesting). Time seemed to just fly by as we talked about the movies we loved so dearly that were the complete opposite of the crap we had just witnessed. Such as "Boondock Saints". We thought that having an Irishman in August Rush would have helped it's story, but decided without significant shootings in the head or the splattering of a cat against the wall, the movie was a total bust. Talking about the shootings in the head lead us to confessing our love for "The Departed" - cold pricklies induced by Robin Williams' horrible portrayal of an orphan tamer were replaced by warm fuzzies as we thought about Leo DiCaprio as a super hot bad ass. The conversation quickly moved to other things we loved, like the BBC's "The Office" and "Arrested Development", as well as "Flight of the Conchords". Our unifying hate for August Rush and subsequent love for good writing brought us closer together (the fact that we only had 2 chairs for 4 of us might have also contributed). So in conclusion, seeing "August Rush" may be a horrible idea, but it can lead to so many other wonderful things.


Spencer said...

Whoa!!! The August Rush poster looks totally rad! Perhaps I should of stood outside of the theatre and stared at that for two hours. More full moon + music attacking child + New York skyline - [(Robin Williams+Fake Red Hair) + (Felicity+Hair-Lipped Guy)] = Less of a waste of time. That whole equation I wrote out? = I am awesome.

Sarita said...

So sorry I missed it. So so so very sorry.

Sneakers said...

Thanks for the warning!