Friday, August 24, 2007

Summer's over? Keep it in your heart

Tonight was the last of the twilight concert series. Calexico and the French Kicks performed- both were awesome. It was so much fun. I had seen Calexico perform once before, they opened for Iron and Wine and I loved them then. I also love them now. Mariachi meets a little rock and roll and it makes my heart happy. I was so excited to see them again that I went to the "Lunch Bunch" today with the kids I work with and put my blanket down at 1pm to secure a spot (we normally go on Mondays). I actually didn't get a chance to put my blanket down because I had to leave, but this really nice guy put my blanket down for me. At the end of the night tonight, the guy came up to me and said that I owed him a kiss for putting my blanket down- he was very drunk and I was very appreciative- so I kissed him twice . . . on the cheek of course. Thanks Greg! Here are some pictures of tonight's festivities.

This is me and Sarah, not sure what we are doing. You can see the guy I kissed in the background. Chris and Aliah. Did you know Aliah is a professional model now? Ask her about it. Oh, I am a model too. . . totally.

Me and Brad- pausing briefly from dancing like crazies. Sarah is still dancing like a crazy in the background.

Calexico. I am kinda in love with the trumpet/maraca player.

There is ALWAYS an after party. This one happened to be at Alberto's and involved a chicken chimichanga.

But my favorite thing of all was very early in the night. There was a man dancing and dancing and dancing. I was able to catch him briefly on video. I wish he had come and danced by me- I would have danced with him- I really would have. It turns out he is a rocket scientist up at the U or something. I love to watch people dance. It made my whole night.

I didn't even get a video of his best moves, but you get the idea. Tonight was a good night.

6 comments: said...

I am sad for you that your concert series is over. It sounds like you had a lot of fun with this.

Apparently there are fun things to do in SLC.

Of course if you love to boogie, you can have fun anywhere!

Erica Bass said...

I love your new layout! Guess what? I tagged you, go to to see what you need to do.

Erica Bass said...

I forgot to say how much I liked going to the twilight concerts too. Nostalgia...

Sarita said...

Angie pangie is so totally a model. In fact......we are doing a photo shoot this weekend. Riiiight? Only I won't be dancing in the background or hiding slyly behind your hair this time.

The piano player Sergio Mendoza was also cute, even if lacking the upper arm maraca shaking muscles.

Guero Canelo!

I looked it up: Guero (pale skinned blonde person slang term)
Canelo (Yes it is cinnamon, but also used to refer to someone as tan) So tan pale skinned blonde guy!

Dainon said...

That guys dances EVERYWHERE. It's prolly some secret to his longevity or something that he does that.

Anyway, here's a clip of when I captured him during the SLC Jazz Festival not long ago. He has a dancing buddy with him, but his buddy mostly just jumps up and down.

Rachel said...

Ah yes, I was just thinking of the jazz festival footage. That guy is everywhere. Where did you hear that he is a rocket scientist... or something? I would totally love to verify that fascinating bit of info.