Monday, August 13, 2007

"Now... no more shenanigans, no more tomfoolery, no more ballyhoo."

I give up. No seriously, I do. Sometimes I try and sometimes I don't and when I don't, I still have fun, but I don't get hurt. So back to the old Angie. The fun time Angie. The seven guys at a time Angie that cares about no one or their feelings and especially doesn't care about her own.

Ok, so maybe that is a little dramatic. But I just don't want to do it anymore. Guys are confusing, I don't get them and I can't pretend to be able to understand why they do things and why they don't.

From the immortal words of Paula Abdul:

"I've been a fool before
Wouldn't like to get my love caught
In the slammin' door
Are you more than hot for me
Or am I a page in your history-book
I don't mean to make demands
But the word and the deed go hand in hand
How about some information--please"

A little "straight up" information would be helpful. I will be a fool no mo'.

And I am going to start dressing like this

5 comments: said...

First, I think that I am going to dress like too (but you can probably pull this off better then me).

I recently wrote a poem expressing my concerns.

I hope that you get through what ever.

Dainon said...

I'm all for you dressing like that.

Sarita said...

Oh Ang. It sucks. But at least you have reason to mimic a great icon of our decade.

I believe I have a Paula dance workout video on VHS if you need it.

Sunny said...

I wrote a poem for you that might help. I worked really hard on this for you Ang.

He's a cold hearted snake. Looking into his eyes. Uh oh, he's been telling lies. He's a loverboy at play, he don't play my rules. Ahh, oh, girl don't play no fool.

Angie said...

Sunny, it's like you knew what I was feeling in my heart.

You're no Paula Abdul, but I think you really hit on something there.