Friday, August 17, 2007

Rollercoaster of love

I went to Lagoon today. I spent 29.99 plus tax and 7 dollars on parking, wandered a mediocre amusement park for 11 hours with two twelve year olds and a fourteen year old, was moderately to severely sunburned, almost poked my eye out with a tree branch that attacked me from nowhere (seriously, it was so close to my eye it's scary) and had a total blast.

If you want to do something that is both rewarding and fun, become a big brother or big sister. I seriously love it. I have been with my "little" for over a year and I just can't really imagine life without her. I thought that I would be helping her and changing her life, but it totally goes both ways.

I used to love amusement parks. I would get so excited I couldn't hardly stand it and it makes me sad that I just don't get excited anymore. It seems to be the same with other things in life, like Christmas or summertime or the first day of school. My parents told me that the things you enjoyed as a child become exciting when you see them through the eyes of your children. I don't have children, but I understood a little about what they were talking about today. To see Whitney so excited made me so excited. It was great. She was so enthusiastic about every ride and just happy to be there, which made me so happy to be there.

The new roller coaster Wicked was really fun too. It shoots you straight up and then straight down- it's quite a thrill.

3 comments: said...

I was a Big when I lived in Montana and I loved it. It was great to spend time "away from myself" and I really learned a lot.

Congratulations on being a great person!

Sarita said...

I bet you are some kind of great Big Sister.

Sunny said...

First of all: Lagoon is totally awesome! I worked there my first summer when the fam moved to SLC. I love that place. We are coming out in two weeks and I would like to go again but I might have to be the lame friend who watches instead of rides. Stella would have a hard time with roller coasters.

Second: I am so happy you are a big sister. I have always wanted to do that and I am glad that good people are doing it.

Third: we should get together when I come out 29th-6th. I would love to see you.