Wednesday, August 1, 2007

I kinda wish it had been Bryan Adams

It was mediocre at best. The Ryan Adams show I mean. I think my friend Dainon explains it best here.

I was feeling tired and annoyed before I ever went to the concert last night and I even debated not going. It wasn't a total waste of an evening, but I have had better. Here are some pictures I took before my camera died.

Isn't Sarah pretty in this picture?

We had a lovely dinner of hummus and snap peas, red vines and peach rings. If dancing had actually been involved I could have vomited, but I just curled up in a ball for most of the show. People seemed to be loving Ryan by the end of it and I was slightly confused. Were we at the same concert? He was consistent and BORING and then I realized, most people were on their third bottle of wine. If Ryan Adams isn't going to drink anymore, his fans really should.


Sarita said...

No more complaining about the food choice missy. (Even though my stomach still is).

And thanks for thinking me pretty in a picture. I'm thinking it's the sexy windblown hair that did it.

Alissa said...

That sucks! I hate finding out that bands I like suck playing live. I've heard that his performances are hit or miss. One concert is great, another one crappy. I still like his music though.

The AdventureWalkers said...

Wow! Sarah is totally gorgeous in that picture! What a great smile.