Friday, October 7, 2011

Hot dang!

Wanna know one of my favorite dates? Going to Costco and walking around and then eating one of their hot dogs. I love it. Nathaniel and I have done it at least 5 times since we got our Costco memberships.

The last time we went to Costco we thought "why not bring the fun home?", so we purchased the hot dogs and buns (grilling them on the George Forman makes them delicious btw). We have been eating them almost everyday for a week and can I say they are still delicious? Although we had to invest in beano, they are the perfect thing to eat while watching Dexter.

And that's exactly what we are doing tonight. Eating hot dogs and watching Dexter. Are we boring already?? or just totally awesome??

HOT DOG! I am going with awesome.


Mickael said...

Totally Awesome. That sounds like a typical night for us too.

sarah said...

We just bought a package of Costco dogs this weekend. Good times to come.

Joel said...

We used the Costco polish sausage dogs for lots of uses. Made them Sonora style, used em in pasta, and out favorite grilled them with apples and onions, topped them with a gravy of caramelized bits and onion broth and topped it on mashed acorn squash. I felt like showing off. Hope things are going well for the two of you.