Thursday, August 19, 2010

So I did it

I drove to Portland and drove back all in one weekend. I didn't bring a camera so the only picture I have to show of it is this:

We went to the science museum for free. It was mildly educational and fun. Except for the part where they showed all the dead babies (gross) and the fun house that made you feel like you were in an earthquake (Sarah got sick) and helping the two little kids build an arch out of blocks (sooo many high fives), oh wait, that last part was awesome.

We also ate so much- food carts, grilled cheese, creme brulee oatmeal, iced chai tea (shh don't tell on me). Saw two movies. Cyrus (eh) and The secret in their eyes (soooooo goooooood).

There also was a night of camping in a super small tent and we were so exhausted. We were there at Cannon Beach to see the meteor shower, clearest night ever, until we got to the beach and it was all foggy (sad face). But the camping was worth it. Even if I did smell like a pet store.

All in all, awesome trip. I got to see my favorite pregnant girl (she is ADORABLE by the way) and my favorite town. September 2011 it WILL be my home.

P.S. Sarah took tons of pictures so I will be sure to post some when I get them. Also I love rest stops, especially the clean ones.


nathaniel said...

This sounds like it was so much fun!

joN. said...

oh wow you finally watched the secret in their eyes. you're the only other person i know who's seen it. hooray! mmmm. cannon beach. nice.

Sarita said...

Secret in their eyes.....sooooo gooood.

I like how that distorted picture is more flattering of me than any of the other ones from that weekend.

Hope you tons of fun despite my pregnant lazy self. :)