Monday, August 23, 2010

13.1 miles

Me sweaty and happy just after a run.

Well I have decided I am going to run a half marathon. THAT'S RIGHT. So now I am in training? I put a question mark, because I am not sure what that means exactly. But I am following THIS running schedule and I am doing THIS race . . . in Florida . . . in NOVEMBER! With THIS guy. I'm excited. It's going to be great. I hope I don't die. Anyone that has done a half marathon before please let me know what to expect and/or any advice to give. It is on my list of 50 things to do before I die- so as long as I finish I guess dying wouldn't be so bad.


Sarita said...

I want to do this so badly right now. But not right right now as I am having trouble basically walking. But in a few months, I am determined to run.

Go Angie. And Elvis.

Brenna said...

So excited for you Angie! You will love it. And just remember, it doesn't matter really how far you decide to run, the last two miles always seem the longest. The rest just kind of ends up a blur. Enjoy my friend! Enjoy!

Allison said...

So I did my first half marathon last year after Aulora was born. I only decided to do it about 3 weeks before the race so that was how long I trained--and most of my training had to be done on the treadmill (which sucks!!) because of the kiddos. It wasn't too bad. If I had had longer to train I would have done better obviously, but even just running 3-4 miles a day and sneaking in one longer run a week is fine. Just pace yourself for the actual race. But the rule is that you can run about 2-3 miles longer on race day than you have before. The one problem you might have is that you are training in UT and your race is in FL--the weather might throw you a bit, so dress right. You get super hot. It was freezing here and I hadn't run outside a ton so I wear a lot of layers which was fine for the beginning but then I was uncomfortable and had to carry a lot. Oh and make an AWESOME playlist--helps tons. Good luck!! I am jealous, I want to do another race after this baby