Monday, August 30, 2010

Happy Belated Birthday to me!

This weekend was great. I got a belated birthday present, a grilled cheese sandwich made with bleu cheese (my favorite!), made homemade chocolate chip cookies (they were delicious if I do say so myself), ran 4 miles and went to IKEA.

My belated birthday present was . . . drumroll please - ROLLER SKATES!! I love to roller skate, I always have. SO, I skated around liberty park and was in heaven. Even though this guy in roller skates totally made me look bad as he skated and danced and sang to "No Diggity" and looked like he should have been in Roll Bounce. He is my idol. Here are my skates.


Ms. White said...

love love love this post! happy skating!

jaime said...

I have some Skecher skates with hot pink wheels. Love em! We can start a posse now!