Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I'm conflicted

So do I call it two thousand ten or twenty ten? I just don't know. I feel like they are two separate camps and I am not sure which camp I want to commit to. My life is so hard.

I am struggling to feel comfortable in this new decade. I keep writing '09 on everything, but I normally catch myself and before I write the nine I throw a one before the zero. It just seems so weird. But I love it. This year is going to be amazing. I dub it the year of no expectations. When I say this some people start to freak out and think that means I am giving up or I am depressed or something- but no, it is the complete opposite. I am hopeful and I am allowing whatever is to happen to happen this year. I am open to whatever. How exciting is that?

My New Year's Eve was awesome. I decided I was going to stay home (after a brief singing gig at temple square) and do what I did when I was a little girl to celebrate. Aliah and I pinned a sheet to the ceiling (wall) and stuffed it full of balloons. At midnight, we pulled the sheet down and stomped on balloons with high heels as we got totally wasted on Martinelli's. BEST. NEW YEARS. EVER.

I am so excited for this new year and especially this new decade. Bring it on 2010- whatever you may bring.


Sarita said...

I love the pj's and pointy heel combo.

Jedd and Kathi Bodily said...

Hey Angie,
I was listening to some music at work and came across the Counting Crows accustic CD and it reminded me of Ricks and of that crazy Angie girl. Then I started wondering what you were doing these days, you know, 11 years after we last saw each other. I googled. I found your blog. I smiled. It was good to catch up a little. I saw Alyssa, your brother Tom, a link I could'nt follow to Jenny Brown's blog and mention of your dear Mom and Dad. (He called me Jeddy once) Are they still in Florida? Take care

Angie said...

Jedd! Wow, hi. I tried to look at your blog and it wouldn't let me. If you will let me my email address is