Thursday, June 4, 2009

Life is a Bugs Life

We went to Florida and successfully went to the beach 6 out of 9 days. It was wonderful. We rode bikes on an island, ate lots of sea food, met up with old friends and went parasailing. And I didn't get burned once. Reapplying 70+ sunscreen every half hour really works!

It was so great to see old friends too. I didn't get to see everyone that I wanted to, but I did spend quality time with Alissa, Melissa, Nate and Aimee and my new friend Rachael. . . and of course the Amy that went with me. We are really good vacation buddies. I have decided I love pandora, also that my nokia phone is virtually indestructible. I also learned that kids really do say the craziest things, Ava kept me super entertained. Life is a highway and I want to ride it all night long.

Here is our trip in pictures:

And yes I do realize my glasses are huge. I like them that way. The more this pale face is covered, the better. Vacation rules.


Alissa said...

It's true - life really is a bug's life in Florida. And I like Pandora too. I just started using it at work. We miss you and Amy.

Mickael said...

What!? Paragliding? Awesome!

Brenna said...

Awesome trip! Next time you come down to Florida... call me, and I might be able to meet up with you. :)