Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Insomnia in Florida

I'm here! It's wonderful! The sun, beach and good company seemed to be exactly what I needed and exactly when I needed it. We went to the beach nearly all day. The sand and the sound of the ocean seemed to calm my soul. I applied 70+ sun block on my entire body, since I learned a long time ago (the hard way) that beautifully bronzed skin just wasn't in my DNA- red painful soreness was more my fate. BUT NOT THIS TIME! As I sit here typing, I am relatively pain free. I somehow seemed to miss (with the sun screen) a small streak on my back which is throbbing, but all in all operation "don't get fried on day 2 of a 9 day Florida trip that would leave you miserable for the rest of the trip" was a success.

Tomorrow- Siesta Key Beach. So so beautiful. I intend on lounging and reading and talking and swimming and loving every minute of it.

***One of my favorite things- friends that are just friends- no matter how far away they live or how long it's been since you've talked, just picking right up where you left off and it feeling as though you had seen them just yesterday. And there are still more of those friends to come!

Unfortunately my insomnia did not take a vacation, but at least I get to blog.

I will upload some pictures when I can.

Gosh I needed a vacation.

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