Friday, January 30, 2009


It's the year anniversary of the book club I am in. We were going strong for months and then got a little shaky, lost some members, gained some new ones and now we are back for year number 2. January's book was The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao. I really liked it. It was a novel, but there was a lot of historical stuff about that Dominican Republic that I didn't know. There were also many nerd references and Spanish phrases that I didn't understand- yet I still loved the book. It was about a boy named Oscar- a nerdy, fat, Dominican kid that had no luck with the ladies. Oscar blamed a curse (fuku) that had been on his family for generations- the book went into past stories to explain the curse. If you like history or spanish or nerdy references or if you just like to read- read this book.

Our next book is a graphic novel. I have never read one so it should be interesting. We are reading The Watchmen. Since the movie is coming out in March it will be nice to see where it all came from. I like that our book club chooses books I might never read otherwise. I almost always like them (except for that one time someone chose The Wednesday Letters, which is one of the worst books I have ever read only half of).

I wish I could just read all the time- well I am just reading all the time but Social Work Evaluation is less than exciting and not really what I would like to spending my time with.

So I am thinking of going to Florida for spring break. I know what you are thinking- Daytona Beach, MTV's the grind, girls gone wild spring break action. That, however, is NOT what I am thinking. I just want to go see friends I haven't seen in a while and feel the humidity on my skin and sun on my face. I want to relax on the white sands of Siesta Key Beach and READ. I just want to get a little sunburnt and a little sandy and a little sticky from salt water.

I'm sure MTV would love to have a reality show about that.


Jason Wright said...
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Chris said...

YEAHOO! Angie come see ME! It would be awesome to have a visit with you! DO IT!
(this will say it's from Chris, but it's really from Aimee)
I love you and it would be awesome to be with you!

Mickael said...

For anyone who wants to read Oscar Wao this site will help:

It contains explanations to the nerd references made in the book as well as Spanish translations and is arranged chapter by chapter.

Becca Jo said...

I'm sorry I chose Wednesday Letters! I'm ashamed. I heard it was good.