Thursday, February 12, 2009

I love me some Valentine's Day.

I am not sure anyone knows this about me. But I love Valentine's Day. Now, this hasn't always been the case. I remember when I was first at Ricks College and painfully dateless pretty consistently, I didn't like it so much. My roommates and I would wear all black (but that was fun too, so I guess I DID like it, hmm). But over the past 8 years or so I have really loved it. It hasn't been because I always have a boyfriend either, because more times than not, I didn't. But I really like that it is a time when you can tell someone and everyone that you love them. I know that there are people out there that claim that Valentine's Day was created by the greeting card companies and that is fine, I still choose to love Valentine's Day.

So this year, I decided to be creative. I made my girlfriends a special treat- which involved the use of a glue gun AND fancy bags AND shredded paper, ribbon AND fancy labels. For those of you who are not aware of my creative and crafty abilities, believe it or not. . . I don't have any. So these are not that awesome. But I did spend an entire Saturday afternoon creating for people I love. Whether they like it or not is up to them. But it's the thought that counts and the thought is love.

Another reason why I love Valentine's Day is that other people get to tell me how much they love me. My dad did just that- in his usual hilarious way. I received the following in the mail today. First, the envelope-

If you can't see it properly, it has three American flag stickers as well as an NRA symbol. This is my father's attempt to indoctrinate me into his conservative ways. It's actually pretty funny. We don't talk politics in my house (because I do not agree with most of my parent's views), however, any chance he gets, my dad will do something like this envelope. For Christmas he wrapped up a republican party pin with a note saying that I could wear it on my lapel to my social work job. Ha.

And then this was in the envelope:

With a message regarding the similarities between me and Miley Cyrus (hilarious dad).

And this was in the card:

Click on the picture to get the full effect. Yes it is Celine Dion and yes she is thrusting her pelvis to the audience. The sticky note says "Now do you believe me? Proof!" with an arrow pointing to her crotch. That is because a few weeks ago my mom was telling me all about how her and my dad had watched the Celine Dion concert on TV and it was "so wonderful" (according to my mom). My father piped in saying "I like her voice but really don't like that she flashes her [crotch] to the audience" (he didn't say crotch, he used an old navy term, but I censored it for sensitive readers). I kinda gave my dad a hard time about it- and sure enough- he was right. The proof IS in the picture.

Happy Valentine's Day.


lil' bohemian said...

What a sweet and awesome father you have ... nothin' like a good sense of humor. Happy late v-day miss.

Sarita said...

Your daddy is darling. And I love you.

Nicki said...

since i'm going to the concert on sunday i will count how many times she flashes her "crotch" to the audience. wahoo!