Friday, January 16, 2009

Things I find unacceptable

There aren't many things I truly hate, but there are some things that I just find unacceptable.

Such as:

1. The price of crappy text books. They are SO boring to read and SO overpriced. You buy a book for $150 in the beginning of the semester and sell it back for $20 for the school to sell it for $100. It is unethical.

2. Drivers for hardware on the computer. I get that this is only a PC thing, but it is SO annoying. I have a printer, but I can't use the printer, because my computer doesn't recognize it, so I have to look on the internet for a driver that I can't find and then I find it and then . . . blah, blah, blah. I should just get a mac.

3. The pressure in my head and the clogging of my ears. I can't hear a damn thing and it's really frustrating.

4. My computer freezing when I am trying to use the gmail webcam and voice chat. What's the point if you have to keep saying "Can you hear me?" "Say that again" "You sound like a robot"?

5. Being sick and not feeling like doing anything and so your house and your life is in total chaos and you can't stand it anymore.

I am devoting this weekend to organization. . . and sleep.

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