Sunday, June 15, 2008

Pirates, Kilts and burn victims

Salt Lake City can be a pretty awesome place during the summer. There are so many things to do and most of them are free, or mostly free. I am so excited for it to be July so that the twilight concert series can begin. Our bike gang will travel to the gallivan center for the free Wednesday night concerts as well as the Monday Movie Nights for the Sundance outdoor film festival. Friday night we went to the movie at the park and watched Goonies. It was a little cold for June, but so so fun.

Saturday I went to the Scottish Festival, also for free, because Citrine (the super amazing Celtic choir I am in) sang. It was really fun. Kilts everywhere- I ate haggis and watched sword fights. It was like a Renaissance festival, but not nerdy or lame. I did, however, jump off the back of some bleachers in a dress and flash the entire festival my Mormon underwear. My bag was caught on the top bleacher and my dress was caught on my bag, so the dress and the bag remained on the bleacher and the rest of me stood there, dress over my head for a good 5 seconds. Needless to say, I was still able to sing an hour later- maybe that is the best way to get over stage fright, rather than picturing the audience in their underwear, just flash them yours. Brilliant (insert Scottish accent here).

Saturday night my friend Rocket had a dance Party for his birthday and I proceeded to dance away the weeks frustrations. I think dancing can fix almost anything. I ended the night hanging out in a hammock and laughing a lot. Best quote of the night from someone who will remain nameless "so I was seriously considering selling my foreskin to make a little money. They could use it to help burn victims or something." The conversation obviously didn't stop there, but may not be appropriate for all my blog readers. Yes it was hilarious.


lenalou said...

I could probably have unhooked your dress a bit faster if I hadn't been laughing so hard.

BTW, I realised later that my skirt had come unzipped somehow(thank goodness for hooks and safety pins or the whole thing would've come down), so between us, we can probably expect to see lots of dirty old men at our next performance.

Brenna said...

You forgot to mention your totally random Brenna sighting, in which I got to meet your parents, and have them tell me all about you, and how we need to get you married.

It was really great to meet them finally, and to see you again. You look amazing. Like... don't worry - everyone is totally jealous of how gorgeous you are amazing. :)

Love you.

Brittany said...

OK that is hilarious! Good times Angie..good times! Come to my new blog address. I had to get rid of the old one because crazies were getting to it. So the last name is gone!

Carmen said...

Thank goodness for laser hair removal!!!

Ms. White said...

i'm so sad to have missed this!!!!