Monday, June 2, 2008

Just a thought

I have been feeling rather contemplative lately. Thinking about where my life has been and where my life is going. I think I am so quick to forget the blessings that have been so prevelant in my life and I most definitely take them for granted. I come from a wonderful family, I have amazing friends from all the different stages of my life and I have had many exciting opportunities to do things. I have so much to be grateful for.

I had a really hard week. Full of stress and money (of which I didn't have) and tears. Some of the tears had explanations, some I am not sure where they came from- but I was having a hard time. You know what it was? Me feeling sorry for myself, sorry for my "situation". It all culminated at one point during the week when I was especially overwhelmed and I kinda hit a wall. I was heading to my parent's house so that my dad could take me to get my car and he could get his back (he had lent it to me when my clutch went out). I walked into his house and immediately lost it. I cried like I was 6 years old again and I just wanted my dad to fix all that was wrong in the world and especially in my life. Before I knew it, I hiccuped through the tears "Daddy will you please give me a blessing?" Without hesitation, my father laid his hands on my head and gave me the sweetest, most heartfelt blessing. He said all the things I needed to hear and many things I didn't know I needed to hear and peace and comfort washed over me. I have struggled a little since, but much of the peace has remained- my attitude has changed.

I don't really know where I am going with this and it seems a little out of context with all the silly things I write on here. I just wanted to share this experience and put it in writing so maybe I won't so easily forget this time. The Lord understands us and can heal all pains- no matter what they are, even if they are silly or of our own doing and that's the truth.


Allison said...

Hey Babe,
Well I love reading your blog :) I thin kall of us forget to be grateful some times when we get caught up in our "situations", and there is always so much to be grateful for. And while the last time I asked my dad for a blessing he actually said no--it is awesome that I can always ask my husband for one :) Awesome birthday by the way! I think for our 30th next year AG wants to run a marathon---which doesn't sound nearly as fun as a ganstas/robots party! miss you

Steph & James said...

I can't tell how many times I've had that exact same situation with my dad too. I too am emotional it seems all the time. I remember one time, I just cried like everyday for no reason. It's amazing the power of those blessings though, isn't it? You are awesome! I love you girl!

Johnny Metropolis said...

This happens to me too, solutions I have found helpful in addition to Priesthood blessings:

1. Watch "feed the children" commericials.
2. Watch that scene in "Top Gun" when Meg Ryans character finds out about Goose.

That helps me see how lucky I am.

Sarita said...

There is nothing as poignant a reminder than when you feel the love of your parents and heavenly parents through such a powerful medium.

And amazing how that can change perspective. If not just a little bit.

And you are loved.

April and Rick said...

Do you know how long it has been since we have talked?! We finally picked up blogging, and in doing so I found your blog! It's great to read about how you are and what you have been up to. We definitely need to catch up some time soon. Hang in there :)

Mickael said...


SummerChild said...

It is amazing how much crying to parents (earthly and heavenly) and receiving their comfort can help, even as we get older. There is something to be said for being ablke to return to the home of your parents and find love, comfort and acceptance there. Beautiful.

Siobhan said...

Hi. I am Brenna's little sister. I stumbled upon your blog well because there is this genius little link button on her page (and everyone elses) and I just have to say... thank you. I think I have been having a week like the one your talking about, and well you put things in a much better prospective. So whether you think your blog was out of context or not... it helped me. The lord truly works in mysterious ways.

Ms. White said...

i love this. i did the same thing to my dad the night before i flew to nyc. i miss you girl. isn't it amazing how much better things appear when we can truly see them as they are, a situation, and not the end of the world? And it's so wonderful when we can call on worthy priesthood holders to help us figure out what is really going on!