Saturday, January 26, 2008

Sun and dancing

I went up to the Music Cafe in Park City yesterday with my friend Mike. We went specifically to see Missy Higgins play. She has an amazing voice and a really cute Australian personality. It is the second time I have seen her perform and I like her even more now than I did before. I took some pictures, but my camera skills were lacking as always. If you go to her link, listen to the song Secret, Mike and I both decided that it was our favorite song she played. She only uses 3 notes. Kinda cool. She also played a song called Angela which I really liked. Everest played as did the guys who wrote the songs for Walk Hard, the Dewey Cox Story (they had an entire song about their testicles, I was not impressed). The last band that played was kinda cool. They were called Orba Squara. The first song they played Mike and I both knew, but could not figure out where we had heard it. I did some research and their song is on an iphone commercial. They were really interesting- played ukuleles and wash boards and a melodica. The lead singer's voice sounds like a petite little girl singing, but he is actually a big guy with long hair and a beard. Weirdly awesome.
As Mike and I were chilling, listening to music, an interesting guy walked in and Mike instantly recognized him. Mike went and saw the movie Hell Ride the night before and the writer/director/actor in the movie was in Music Cafe. Apparently he is really good friends with Quintin Terantino- who is also the producer of his film. The film is about motorcycle gangs and revenge. Since Quintin gave him full artistic reign, I guess the violence was quite intense. They will have to cut quite a bit out to even get an R rating. I took a picture of Mike and awesome dude. He was super nice and you may recognize him from the movie Kill Bill 2. Here is Mike and Larry Bishop.We ate at this super good BBQ place and then went to see an amazing movie. I cried three times. The movie was called Phoebe in Wonderland and it was beautiful. Felicity Huffman played the mother, Bill Pullman the father, Elle Fanning (Dakota's little sis) played the quirky daughter and Patricia Clarkson played the teacher. The director and Felicity Huffman were both there to answer questions. Their responses were touching and heartfelt and I could tell they really loved being a part of this movie. It was a beautiful story of a little girl struggling to make sense of why she is different and a mother and father's battle to help her without knowing how. I LOVE LOVE LOVED it. It had imagination and heart and excellent acting. I think everyone should see this. It really reminded me of all the adorable children that I work with.
It was a perfect night in Park City and at the film festival. Good Music, good food, good friends, good weather and a really really good movie.


Mickael said...

Wow. Not only was was I mentioned in your blog but I got my picture posted as well. It's like a dream come true. Except I am never saving you a seat again. Unless you ask in which case I probably will. Keep on truckin' I know I will.

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I think you might be my musical soulmate. Every song/artist you ever recommend... I love. Missy Higgins! Awesome. You should make me a list of artists that I should know but don't. :)