Monday, January 7, 2008

Chuck Norris for president or for executioner!!

Did anyone else know that Chuck Norris is on the campaign trail with Huckabee? I didn't know until today. That is fascinating. I still am not planning on voting for Huckabee- but it is pretty awesome to be endorsed by Chuck Norris.

I was talking (texting) with Joey about what we were listening to on NPR (at the same time, in different states) and we were text discussing the death penalty. That was a hot topic since the lethal injection practices in some states were being questioned. I sent a text that said "lethal injection should be replaced by Chuck Norris", Joey's response was "So quick it would be painless. Chuck's spit in your eye would do the same as all three injections . . . in one tenth the time."

It made me laugh a lot.

Don't be fooled. I do not support the death penalty, even if it was performed by Chuck Norris and I do not support Huckabee, however because Walker Texas Ranger supports him, he does kinda rule.


Joseph Cone Darnell said...

Chuck Norris is the sole reason they have the "cruel and unusual punishment" clause in the constitution.

ThomCarter said...

In all political honesty . . . Chuck Norris is drawing HUGE crowds in New Hampshire as he did in Iowa.

People love this guy.

They just ended the death penalty in New Jersey.

Sarita said...

While some people do pushups, Chuck Norris actually pushes the earth down.

My grandfather constantly tells us that we are related to him, seeing as how my mother's maiden name is Walker and his favorite show is Walker Texas Ranger.