Saturday, July 21, 2007

Nerds are people too

It's been a great couple of days. First, twilight concert series with friends- really fun. This guy: (if you can see him, he's in between the bars doing the air guitar. Again, I need to start bringing my camera to these functions) was one of the highlights of my night, along with dancing the night away with friends to Yo La Tengo.

Last night I bowled a 124 (not my best) but in doing so I won a bet that will lead to a friend doing an interpretive dance to a song of my choosing. He has yet to pay up, and I am still thinking of possible songs, but it will be amazing. However I may not make him pay up at all, I did drag him to the midnight release party of the Harry Potter book, he is not a fan and was an incredibly good sport. It was quite hilarious, all the people dressed up and very serious about getting their hands on a copy of the book. I now have a copy in my grubby little hands. My inner nerd was definitely out last night as I discussed my opinions regarding Harry Potter's fate with those in the line around me. There were some intense feelings by everyone in the conversation. I spoke with one older lady that was so adorable. She said that she hadn't read a book in over 15 years before she picked up a Harry Potter book and that it "brought the magic back" for her. Way to go Harry, bringing the magic back in more ways than one.

I have been reading a little of the book here and there. So far so good. I may need therapy when this is all over.


Sarita said...

What? No mention of the cleavage of death? You promised....

Angie said...

I totally forgot!

We were on trax and a box elder bug totally committed suicide in Sarah's cleavage! It was so amazing. She had to dig it out, but death had already taken him. What a way to die. THEN we went and saw Yo La Tengo.