Saturday, July 7, 2007

Everything Dies

If you have read some of my earlier posts you may have read that I was given three pepper plants and two tomato plants. I was very excited about this and I followed the instructions I was given on how to take care of them properly as best I could. I may even make my own compost with worms and stuff, so that I can give the plants more of the healthy stuff they need (emphasis on may). I have had them over a week now and the pepper plants seem to be doing alright, the tomato plants I am not to sure about. You see, I have never had a plant that I didn't kill, except for the bamboo plant in my bathroom- but those are REALLY hard to kill. I am just expecting these plants to die. I have a black thumb, there is nothing green about it- I was hoping to change that, but I am still quite skeptical.

I went biking today and totally fell off. I was bleeding and now I am bruised. I tried to take pictures of my injury, but they don't look nearly as bad as I wanted them to look- because they aren't that bad. Oh well, it was really fun- the biking, not so much the falling.

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