Friday, July 13, 2007


I took a nap this afternoon after I got home from work and that is the worst thing an insomniac can do. It leads to no sleep and blog #2 for the night. I wrote earlier in the week about the crash I had on my bike. The bruises are truly awful now. I look like I am diseased ridden or something. I was supposed to get in a swim suit today and I just couldn't subject people to my crack whore bruises. But I will subject you to one:

Gross, eh? If you are wondering where that is, it is on my upper thigh and it hurt really bad. Oh and I just have a very blurry upper thigh, it isn't my poor camera skills that made that picture unrecognizable.

So the contract arrived in the mail today for the job in London. I signed it and put it in the return envelope. Now it is just sitting on my desk. It's like I am waiting for a sign or something. All I know is that some days I feel really good about it and want to go and other days it is more of an ominous feeling. I have actually been praying about it now and I still don't know one way or the other. I wish Heavenly Father liked to answer my prayers in email form with- "My dearest Angie, go to London. Love, HF" but he doesn't. I know I have to work it out in my mind first and make a decision, but that is that part I struggle with. Honestly, I feel like I should stay here, but I know I will always wonder what would have happened had I gone. I am still sending in all the paperwork so that if I change my mind last minute I can still go. Pathetic. Options. I fill my life with so many options (jobs, boys, activities)no wonder I am confused all the time.

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