Tuesday, November 1, 2011


We didn't dress up this year. Which was kinda disappointing since last year our costume was AWESOME. But Nathaniel doesn't love dressing up (but he so good at it!) so I guess we'll just have to be something super awesome next year (and we will, I am already brainstorming). So this year we stayed home and passed out candy. Can I say that I loved it?? This is the first time in my adult life that I have lived somewhere that kids actually come and trick or treat. The best thing is that most kids wanted to tell you all about their costumes. It was really fun.

We also played the game clue with Amy and Jon and watched a super scary The House of the Devil. I was really proud of Nathaniel, he watched the whole movie, even though he watched half of the movie from the hallway- he still watched it! We also ate pizza hut pizza, did you know that any pizza is ten bucks?? I haven't had pizza hut pizza in years. I must admit it was crazy greasy good.

So all in all- a very good Halloween. How was yours?

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