Friday, November 4, 2011


So I looked at my hotmail account for the first time in probably 6 months and looked at an email from my site reader. It turns out no one reads my blog.

Like literally no one.

It's ok though. That means I can write whatever I want. (fart, balls, wiener, bum, boobs)


Evan and Holly said...

Whatever, I've read every post on your blog. I just don't usually comment. Sorry :) P.S. I'm very offended by the fart and wiener comment; however, I thought the butt and boob one was in good taste.

rob said...

mmmm. I had fart balls for dessert tonight.

J said...

Way to guilt trip all of your readers into ACTUALLY visiting your blog, posting a comment to start seeing statistics rather than having them lazily read it on Google Reader. Maybe I should try it...since Ryan appears to be my only reader.

Angie said...

I don't care REALLY. I just wanted an excuse to post boobs on my blog!

Love you guys.

Brooke said...

totally not true. I read all your posts. I follow you in my Google reader :) LOVE the use of boobs though.

sarah said...

Angie and J. I read both your blogs. So there. Nobody reads mine though. Sob.

Except my mom on occasion who promptly asks me to take out swear words just in case my grandmother might read it. So no wieners there. She may just have to deal with the fart balls and boobs though.