Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Alphabet soup

So I have joined a new club. A CD mix club. I am not sure what to call it. Playlist club? Music Share club? Well anyway, some girls and I are making mixes for each other each month based on a theme. I really like the idea, because then I can get introduced to new music AND make mixes from music I love and share it with other people. The first mix is called the A-Z mix. You have to pick song titles that consist of one word- A-Z. This was a little more difficult than I thought. I had multiple of some letters and none of others. I never found a Z! So my mix is actually A-Y.

Here is my Mix:
Aime- Damien Rice

Birds- Kate Nash

Calgary- Bon Iver

Dilate- Ani Difranco

Edit- Regina Spektor

Free- The Colorful Quiet

Gatekeeper- Fiest

Headlock- Imogen Heap

Intervention- Arcade Fire

Jacksonville- Sufjan Stevens

Kiss- Prince

Lions- Headlights

Miserole- Emily Hope Price

Names- Cat Power

Older- Band of Horses

Politik- Coldplay

Quiet- Rachel Yamagata

Regret- Wye Oak

Stars- The Weepies

Transcendentalism- Death Cab for Cutie

Undertow- Stars

Videotape- Radiohead

Window- Album Leaf

Xanax- Maria Taylor

Yesterday- Pulp

Z ???????
What would your list be? What would your letter Z be??? I am sure I could come up with something, but my ipod did not help. It will be interesting to see what new music I will get.


Tracy said...

Zebra by Beach House!! So so good.

joN. said...

zero by yeah yeah yeahs. that's a song right. there's always ziggy stardust. probably zoo station by u2. love the song -- even though they're plenty hatable.

Dainon. said...

I second the "Zebra," and also add Duke Ellington's "Zweet Zurzday."