Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Ghost Stories

Over the weekend, Nathaniel and I went camping in a Tepee. A TEPEE!! Well, kind of. We drove up to Bannack, Montana and camped at the edge of a ghost town in a tepee. It was freezing. And we weren't as prepared as we thought we were (thought we brought a down comforter- didn't, thought we brought a workable air mattress- didn't) so half way through the night, after we were freezing to the bone and a bug dropped on Nathaniel's face and a monster was rubbing against the tepee, we ended up in the car. BUT the time we spent making fires and roasting hot dogs and marshmallows NEXT to the tepee was awesome. As was the ghost town. FYI- Nathaniel is excellent at making fires. I was very impressed by my wilderness man.

Let me talk about the ghost town. Bannack is only 5 short hours away from SLC and it is located in what is now a state park, so it's pretty well preserved and only 5 bucks to see. We went fairly early in the morning and stayed until the afternoon, just walking around (hence my ridiculous sunburn).

We also had a ghost experience!There was a bridge over the creek and I wanted to take Nathaniel's picture on the bridge. We were both on it and as I was about to take the picture I could feel footsteps on the bridge so I thought that someone was coming onto the bridge behind me so I took the picture fast. At the same time Nathaniel thought someone was coming onto the bridge behind him so he stepped out of the way. We both felt the footsteps, but when we looked, no one was there. Later we asked the park ranger if there were any ghost encounters. He said that the main ghost that has been seen is a girl named Dorthy who drowned it the creek when she was 14! I totally think we felt her presence on the bridge! Here is the photo and the bridge.

Check out the Orbs in this one. Maybe they're ghosts! (Or dust) Or dusty ghosts!


Jaime Van Hoose Steele said...

I so want to go there now!!! That's not too far at all for a camping weekend. Plus, I love any excuse that will get me into the Montana border. I love that state!

Mickael said...

Awesome post! Is that teepee always there? It looks like a fun weekend. I want to go there and sleep on the bridge at night.