Monday, April 28, 2008

Roam if you want to . . .

Oh and I want to. I WANT TO!!! So yesterday I had a bad day- there was really no reason for it, it just happened. Which made it all the more awesome that today I had an amazing day- there was really no reason for that either. Went to work and it was just a normal day, but better than most for some reason. Went to the gym and worked out hard- that felt great. And then I decided since I only had 4 dollars I wanted cheap street tacos. Damien chose the place and it was the right place. I had my tacos el pastor (is that right?) and they were DELICIOUS. Sitting on the sidewalk in 70 degree weather, wearing a summer skirt made them taste even more delicious. Then we went to Hatches family chocolate and ate frozen dark chocolate covered bananas with caramel. They were just as good as they sound. As we sat on the side walk to partake not only did we see a cute little family on a stroll, but we also ran into some familiar faces and had a wonderful chat. Just then, Damien declared it to be the official first night of summer and we all cheered. It just felt right. Now here I sit, typing my blog, wearing my bikini (it's motivation for the coming months) so excited for what this summer will bring. The list is amazing- first, MUSIC: The Swell Season, Death Cab, Ani, Josh Ritter, Andrew Bird, Wilco (come on people it doesn't get much better than this) second, TRIPS: Vegas, camping, and most importantly Mexico third, FAMILY ROAM EVENING: Tonight was the first and was most definitely not the last. I love Summer. Love Love Love.

Oh and I stand by the fact that killing a vampire baby isn't cruel. It's still a blood sucking immortal, even if it's just a baby.


Sarita said...

al pastor

but Angie the babty vampire killer can call them whatever she likes.

As long as she protects me from the baby vampires.

Angie said...

no hablas espanol

Brenna said...

I had to make Jaren read the last line - so funny.

Your blog made me more excited for summer than I've been in a long time. I want to wear a skirt and eat tacos... and that banana thinger.


Carmen said...

Don't forget the midgets.

There were midgets.