Monday, March 21, 2011

Sick Day

Stayed home from work due to a sickness. I pretty much looked at blogs all day. Why am I not more creative? Why can't I sew clothes, make bunting flags or pompon wreaths? Why do I not have fancy pictures to post or clever things to say? I spent a long day of comparing myself to others, which never makes you feel better. Especially when you weren't feeling well to begin with.

Besides, I think the internet LIES.


Steph & James said...

girl, i feel the SAME way. I never wanted to be one of those bloggers who thought to herself "Ooh I better take a picture of this so I can blog!" I wanted it to be about writing what I do in my life, not what I do to BLOG about it. :) I don't sew, craft, or scrapbook. Heck, I barely even cook. My friend and I call it the "facebook facade" I think there's a blogger version too.

I compare myself ALL. THE. TIME. But guess what? I've compared and figured out that you and I are pretty spiffy. Whether the shirt we are wearing we made or bought!

Angie said...

You always make me feel better!

Cindy said...

Nope, the internet cannot tell a lie. You're pretty awesome though.