Friday, June 4, 2010

This week . . .

I’ve moved into my new place and it’s almost completely unpacked. I missed two days of work this week because my stomach has been AWFUL, went to the doctor twice- with no real solution, just more money out of my pocket- oh and I am getting my kidney stone broken up (sounds awesome). Taught relief society and felt like it went fairly well. Have had a lot of gospel discussions with new friends, old friends and family and feel like my faith has increased. Have had one of my favorites staying at my new place and will be staying for a few more days- I’m glad it’s not time to say goodbye yet. Hung out with someone I have missed. Made these s’mores brownies (they’re ok). Had my parents over for dinner where we ate my homemade chicken noodle soup, s’mores brownies and enjoyed my new digs. Broke my mixing bowls when I opened the hatch back of my dad’s jeep and they shattered all over the street. Received a gift of new mixing bowls from my mother in an attempt to cheer me up (it worked).So many ups and downs this week, I hope I can recuperate this weekend and have more ups next week than downs.

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