Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Keep runnin' runnin' . . .

I’ve started running. Yep, that’s right, RUNNING. I have never liked running because the whole time I am doing it all I can think is “I’m running and I can’t breathe.” Supposedly that changes at some point. I am living near memory grove and I like it there, so I have made this little run for myself. Today was day #3 and it was much better than day #2. So we shall see.

The problem with running is that it gives me an excuse to do things like eat a cookie with 500 calories in it. “Hey, I went running today” is my justification. I have not hit that runner’s high thing yet either, most likely because it’s only day #3 and I am still in that walk/run phase. But I am feeling better. I really worked on my breathing today- but I still get a stitch in my right side after a while. Why does this happen? I just ran through it (well then walked when I couldn’t bear it any longer).

My running music mix sure helps motivate. I don’t have the internet so I have to use whatever music I have, but I like it. Sexyback really gets me going, as does a little LCD Soundsystem. Also, there is this Zebrahead song that takes me back to the days when I moved to Salt Lake and tried running for the first time. I actually found the Zebrahead CD on the side of the road, now it’s on my running mix. I need more suggestions- the goofier the better, I find.

So that is my life. I work 12pm-8pm (I know- don’t even get me started). I wake up in the morning and run, get ready for work, work until 8, go home and read. That is my life. I have read 8 books in the past month. Oh and I have started playing The Legend of Zelda again. I am such a colossal nerd. Hopefully I will start being more social and doing “summer” things, but working odd hours and being on call twice a week kinda hinders that a little. Tonight I am going to the movies (Exit through the gift shop NOT Eclipse) and tomorrow I am doing a night hike and a fire and Friday I think I am doing something fun too- so that’s something, right? Right.

But for now I am going to keep on running. Until I get high.


joN. said...

i've never hit the runner's high. i doubt it actually exists.

are you talking the original legend of zelda? i just beat that. i still have all the maps i made if you'd like to borrow them.

i wish i knew earlier that you were going to that movie. i would have crashed it with you. i'm planning on seeing it tomorrow afternoon, so if it was lame hurry and tell me.

you still wanna make that video?

Brooke said...

how was exit through the gift shop?

Brenna said...

I hope your still running! If not- start again. It really is great once you get past the whole, "I hate this" thing. :)