Sunday, April 19, 2009

I'm Sorry

I know, I have been the world's most terrible blogger lately. I have just been insanely busy. It's the last few weeks of my final big semester in graduate school, my totally awesome Celtic band has been in the studio recording our first album (I am not even remotely joking) and I got sick- all at the same time. So I have pretty much been crazy this past month. I've been neglecting my friends and family and even myself . . . and it's starting to take it's toll.

But the weather is starting to brighten so subsequently my mood is starting to brighten.

Last week was Easter and I wanted to share with the world what my mother made me. Being that I am the single one with no family, my mom has a tendency to go a little overboard. Worried that I might become suicidal or something if I don't celebrate. My mom made me this Easter basket.

. . . and yes, there are two stuffed bunnies- one, "you can hang on your door". It's really thoughtful, but she chose the most terrible Easter candy imaginable. Peeps, malted eggs, blow pops, sour gum. . . seriously awful. She also chose the mesh tulle covering the basket because she wanted it to be something I could "use later". Hmmm, she is so funny.

Just an added thing. I was talking to her today on the phone and here are three quotes, directly from the horse's mouth.

"I will not add water to her fire"
"She will cut her own goose"
"She is as crazy as a bed bug"

She was obviously frustrated with whoever she was talking about, but I couldn't stop laughing.

Pray for my mom, she was in the hospital and super sick yesterday, she is doing better today- but I worry.

As far as everything else. I am finally seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. I will have to find a job soon, which is terrifying, but I am ready to not be poor anymore and to be a grownup again and write on my blog more.


jaime said...

I love hearing your stories and quotes that your mom says...she's hilarious!

Brenna said...

I LOVE your mom. She is priceless!

Take care of yourself Angie... life just keeps going, your gonna need to be able to keep going with it. :)