Monday, September 1, 2008

What happens in vegas . . .

I was headed to the BYU library on Friday night to do some much needed studying. I was on I15 headed southbound, when suddenly I was on my way to Vegas NOT Provo. I arrived in Vegas at about 2am and stayed the weekend there. All I did was shop, sleep and eat (not necessarily in that order, but sometimes).

So during one of these shopping incidents, I was in Hot Topic (my favorite store) and I decided to take a picture with an Iphone I found- it was in the dressing room- I just really liked my outfit. And when I viewed this photo I was so surprised to discover that I was not alone!!!!

It's RAVER GHOST!!! I had heard of him before, but never thought I would have my very own raver ghost siting!! Apparently raver ghost died during his raver days by falling into a baby pool of liquid X. It is well known among the raver community that he hangs out at places like abandoned warehouses, pacifier factories and Hot Topics in the western states. Now he haunts my dreams.

Aren't his pants totally hot?

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Carmen said...

I can NOT believe you could talk Cameron into wearing that outfit. Seriously.