Monday, September 8, 2008


I started grad school. I love it. I love class. I love my practicum. I love it. I am just so busy and so tired.

I love it.


Joel said...

I once had the pleasure of knowing a blogger like no other. A writer so prolific that she had not one but two blogs.

The first was devoted to long posts of heart ache, love, and humor. Filled with stories of unintended sexual references from her mother. And true tales of the side effects of sleeping pills.

The other blog was shorter. It recorded the day to day craziness. Through movie posters, music videos, pictures and graphic depictions her ass (its like jello) we were all allowed to see what the world looked like through her eyes.

On a good day when both blogs posted a good 2-5 minutes of the tedious monotony of our day was broken. If only the daily blog was updated we still were gifted almost a good full minute of respite from the daily grind.

Unfortunately that blogger has left us. Although some say good riddance I for one feel that we are worse off for her leaving us. I can truly say that I long for a return to headier times when I had 45 seconds of something different everyday.

Sarita said...

Yes, please, give Joel something to do. :)

Ginger Carver said...

Yay for Angie!!!!!!