Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Holy Suckfest

Ok, my mom would be so mad that I use the word "suck" but sometimes that is the best way to describe something.

Why today was so so awful:

1. Best buy for an hour and a half. The computer didn't work- it was supposed to- tried everything to fix it- fixed it, brought it home, didn't work and then worked and then didn't work again. Now it works- but I am SUPER frustrated and it doesn't work the way it's supposed to.

2. My car hates my guts. Wouldn't go into gear, wouldn't get out of gear. Had to drive it in 2nd gear for 6 blocks. Left it at the car place. No car.

3. All my fears were true. My music/pictures/documents are lost and gone forever and it's my own stupid fault.

4. Stupid sticky note apology. Lame sauce.

5. That damn spray bottle wouldn't spray and it was the last freaking straw.

How the day was redeemed, a little.

1. My big bro to the rescue. He was there exactly when I needed him.

2. My friends let me cry and even cried with me for a bit.

3. A phone call from far away made him feel really close.

4. A HUGE diet coke. Chili's chips and salsa and molten river of chocolate goodness.

5. Friends who understood and came to my rescue and stayed with me until I was better.

So maybe the day wasn't a total suckfest, in fact it turned out to be pretty amazing.

***Oh and could someone please explain to me why all of a sudden the links that used to be one the right side of this blog are now one the bottom? I can't figure it out and it's really annoying. Technology sucks(sorry mom).


Sarita said...

I'm glad that it ended amazing. You are amazing.

My stomach was not so happy with me this morning though.

Joel said...

Honestly, with the day you had Suck was as mild a concern as could be used.

Joel said...

a word, not concern, one day I will read before I send.

Shonuff said...

Hey Angie it's me, Mark Cheng. I didn't see you at the Seminar. Anyway hope your rest of the week goes better. Did all your music and photos fit on your Ipod? There's a way to recover it from there. That's if you have an Ipod.

Sunny said...


Sorry about the suckfest. Anything that involves Best Buy will have suck at the root of it. Seth and I once had bought new shoes and were wearing them that same day when we decided to go to Best Buy. We were looking around at the video games and it smelled. I wrote it off on teenagers who play video games and have yet to discover deoderant. No, it was human fecal matter. Seth and I literally stepped in crap and it was all over our new shoes. This is an indoor mall so who knows. So, as I said, Best Buy sucks. Hope life gets easier.