Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Doesn't get much better than this

A few months ago, I had posted a birthday wish list. On that list I had said that a "thoughtful surprise" would be something I would want. I seemed to get a few of them over the last weekend. It started with my friend Alissa. I haven't seen her in over 2 years. She lives in Florida and has a baby and a husband- so she is super busy. Well, my friend Erin asked me to come and babysit her little girl while she ran an errand and she came back with Alissa! I was so excited, it was the most thoughtful surprise.

We then danced the night away at the Gangstas vs Robots birthday dance party. SO many people showed up, dressed as either gangstas or robots. It was sorta hilarious to see a bunch of twenty-thirty somethings all decked out. The cops came and made me shut it down at about 11:30pm- which was totally lame. He threatened to fine me and/or arrest me. It might have been the bandanna or the prison tattoos, but I remained incredibly respectful. Man the Po Po always has to discriminate.

The weather was amazing the entire time that Alissa was here. We went up the canyons and to park city. She also loved my friends (what's not to love?). She left on my birthday, it was really sad to see her go. But I didn't have time to really be sad because my friends threw me an awesome bike picnic, where we all rode bikes and ate in the park. And then my special friend Joey from out of town surprised me and showed up to make my birthday complete. He also gave me the most beautiful antique earrings in an earring box. I love them.

So, in conclusion. Turning 30? Eh, not so bad. Actually pretty awesome. The key to a successful 30th birthday is totally awesome friends. It's true.


Sarita said...

What's more is that your totally awesome friends totally love you.

Ms. White said...

love love love indeed!

Mickael said...

I am glad you had a good Birthday, you better be at SANBC tonight.

Alissa said...

I did love your friends. Especially the crazy ones.

Erica B. said...

Those are some awesome earrings! You always have all these crazy parties with themes! So funny! Happy 30th!