Monday, March 24, 2008

I still believe in the Easter bunny

And that he lays eggs and hides them and all that. It just makes sense, doesn't it? A bunny, laying eggs . . . hmm. Ok, so I don't "believe" anymore, but I did believe in Santa until I was 12. Call me gullible, but I couldn't imagine how my parents could possibly set up a pin ball machine in one night- it was totally Santa. Anyway, back to Easter.

I stayed the night with my parents on Saturday night because my mother wanted to dye eggs. It was cute, just her and me, dying eggs as we watched Across the Universe. She totally fell asleep as I watched the adorable British boys turn every Beatles song into what sounded like Coldplay (and I loved every minute of it). My mom snored on the couch and occasionally woke up to say something that didn't make any sense.

I then stayed up talking to my dad until 4am. I love it when that happens- we talked about everything from the temple to boys to laser hair removal. It was quite the talk. Easter Sunday was nice. My whole family went to church together, followed by dinner, a near overdose of RLS medication (it was a mistake), a 3 hour nap and then 3 hours of Deal or No Deal. The night ended with me driving home, still incredibly drugged (again it was accidental) and fearing being pulled over for a DUI. Starting my own traditions may be dangerous, next Easter NO DRUGS and that's a promise.


Dainon. said...

Why does it always sound like your mom is the funniest person in the universe every time you talk about her?

Oh, and ... I'm the futahmuckin' Easter Bunny, remember? Or maybe I'm Santa Clause (sic), I dunno.

Brittany said...

Your mom is seemed so great the time that I met her! Easter eggs are fun until your children sneak downstairs before you and find all their stuff and ruin it for you! They got in big trouble for that one!