Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Cherokee Tacos

We met for our second book club meeting where we discussed "The Education of Little Tree" by Forrest Carter. I have to be honest, the first couple of chapters didn't really peak my interest and so I wasn't looking forward to the rest of the book. However, I forced myself to continue and I ended up really liking it. It was a sweet story about a young boy and his grandfather teaching him the "Cherokee Way". I would recommend it if you would like a quick yet enriching read. Funny thing is, it's supposed to be an autobiography- except that it was found out later that the author wasn't actually Cherokee or an orphan raised by his grandparents. He was actually a white supremacist who wrote for politicians against desegregation. I opted out of reading about the author before I read the book because ignorance is bliss. I would like to think that this book was his form of atonement for his shady racist past- but who knows? It was a good book none the less.


Spencer said...

Did the "Cherokee Way" consist of profuse drinking of rubbing alchohol? Because I just kind of figured that's what was meant by that. And to any Cherokees who read this blog, I'm totally kidding. We all know you prefer Lemon Pine-Sol. Delete this if you want Angie, but you're only silencing the troof!

Angie said...

I would never censor you Spencer.

Spencer said...

You know what mistake I made- "To any cherokees who read this..." Haha stupid me. Cherokees can't read. If this post was a pictogram however, we would have people in a world of offense.