Monday, April 23, 2007

Moley moley moley

So I am "home sick" today. About a month ago I had a mole removed on my abdomen and one on my leg. The one on my abdomen came back abnormal and they were concerned about it and went in and removed underneath it as well as around it. I should have taken a before picture. The after picture is only of where they did it, but it's all covered up. Here it is:

Not the most flattering picture. I took it on my camera phone. You can even see some smudges of blood that I didn't know were there. There will probably be about an inch and a half long scar. He said that he did some plastic surgery on it so that it wouldn't be too bad of a scar. I am a huge chicken and the whole thing was a little much for me to take. I almost passed out in the lobby afterwards, I didn't realize that I was so light headed. A nurse sat me down and got me some water and then I was fine. What a wuss.

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Familia Barlow said...

hairy hairy mole... so hairy... hairy scary.

I need to get my moles examined! Did they say that they think your fine now? Kind of scary! You are not a wuss!