Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring Break Broke me

It's over. Spring break is officially over. It was a week of beautiful relaxing weather and come Monday morning (today), it's back to work and back to snow. Ugh. BUT ENOUGH COMPLAINING.

Spring break was pretty awesome. I didn't go anywhere exotic or play beer pong, but I did have a great time regardless. I read and slept and hung out with friends and went to movies and rode my bike. It was so nice.

Only 5 weeks of school left. I graduate May 7 (technically I don't graduate until August but I walk in May). Crazy. I am going to be a master. I can't believe it and now I need to start looking for a job. That seems more frightening than it ever has before. We're talking career here. Frightening.

Things I have to look forward to over the next few months:
2. SLC summer (they are the best)
3. Sarah's wedding
4. recording a CD
5. a new nephew (hopefully)
6. riding my bike
7. concerts and movies in the outdoors
8. swimming
9. reading books I want to read
10. Being a grownup (maybe I am not looking forward to that)

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