Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Weepies

On Friday, Me, Aliah, Amy and Maren jumped on a plane to California for the weekend. Our main objective was going to see The Weepies on Sunday. But we got a few more things in while we were there. Such as shopping, pedicures, vampire movie, boboa tea, 2 parking tickets, oh and did I say shopping? Not to mention three of us shared a queen sized bed, while one slept on the floor- not the most ideal sleeping arrangements, but still fun.
Here we are paying way too much for breakfast.
The Weepies played at the Hotel Cafe. It had been 2 years since they last played. They were wonderful. They also played some new songs and I can't wait for a new album to come out.
Here we are enjoying the show. One or two or maybe four of us MIGHT have cried at least once during the show.
Can you see them? The Weepies are adorable and in love and couldn't say enough about their cute baby- oh and they make beautiful music together.

It was definitely a successful girl weekend. I loved it and I love my girls. I also love GPS.


Sarita said...

So sad that I missed out on this. Love you girls. You all look beautiful.

Ms. White said...

i love the hotel cafe. i saw great lake swimmers there! Please say that i'll be seeing you over new years...pretty please!

Ken said...

Sounds like it was a great, if short, show. Did they play either of the songs that Aliah requested -- Saturn's Light or Comfort?


lil' bohemian said...

I heart the weepies too. I just do.

Brenna said...

Next time... call me. I'm inviting myself. I fell in love with the weepies because of you and Aliah.. and I can't stop listening.
I'm totally jealous. Glad you girls got to have fun.