Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Shot through the Heart and you're to balme. . .

I hate shots. I HATE shots. I understand that they are necessary and that we need them in order to be immune to certain diseases and/or get tests to make sure you are healthy- blah blah blah, But I will never get used to someone sticking a needle in my arm. Especially when I have to pay them hundreds of dollars to do it. It just doesn't seem right. Well, in order for me to do my practicum in the fall, it was necessary. I also had to pee in a cup to prove I wasn't a hardcore drug user. All in all today was a very exhausting day full of waiting (a long time), peeing and poking (I was the one being poked. . . by needles). I just have to keep telling myself that it is a means to an end, this is all part of the plan and when it's done, I will have a piece of paper that says I MASTERED social work.

Doing nothing has started to take it's toll. I stay up until 4am almost every night. I am either reading or watching Heroes. Good thing there isn't a pee test to determine if you are addicted to a TV show, because if there was one I would be in trouble. In the past two weeks I have finished season one and half of season two- I just need to finish it and then I can walk away. I mean, I could really quit anytime, but why quit when you are so close to finishing? I think I should be given a certificate stating Angie hereby completed season 1 and season 2 of Heroes, then I would at least feel like I had accomplished something. Ah well, I took this time off to do nothing and that is what I am doing. Nothing of importance anyway.

Although I did play rockband the other night with some friends and I can pretty much sing anything on expert without failing. How many people can say that? Hmmm, maybe a lot. Don't worry, I am not waisting away my life. Sometimes I even go outside and ride my bike.

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Sarita said...


I already told you that I was making you a certificate stating your accomplishment in completing the seasons of Heroes. Framed. For your office. As long as you make me one when I finish It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia. I need to get cracking.

Also, I cannot say that I can sing almost anything on expert. I think I proved that. I pretty much make a lame attempt at 2 songs and then go to sleep on the couch.