Monday, July 7, 2008

I have been known to hate the 4th

Ok, so I am normally not a big fan of the fourth of July. It just hasn't been the best holiday for me. I think it started when I was 8. My family had a picnic at a park and I was doing a penny drop from some monkey bars- well I attempted to do a penny drop anyway. I didn't know that there was jagged cement under my head and when I dropped- I cracked my head open. I can't remember how many stitches I had, but I remember I couldn't swim for a few weeks and it pretty much ruined my summer.

Another 4th of July I was proposed to by my boyfriend- which is a good thing- but then that relationship ended dramatically and badly, so that made it not so good.

I also hate going to see fireworks- the crowds, the babies crying, the stupid guy yelling "fire in the hole!" I just don't enjoy it most of the time.

This year was an exception. A group of us decided to have a BBQ at my house and just do our own thing and I loved it. Damien was a great fireworks director- hot dogs, Popsicles and jello salad. I like not having to go anywhere, it was awesome.

Never Forget.

So wrong, yet so funny.

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Spencer said...

Will you be at the Josh Ritter show?